The Force of Greatness

Posted May 10 2017 06:23 AM

By Anand Satheesh

Throughout history, there have been people who seem to rise above the rest through their creations, innovations and performances. They brave all manner of criticism and failure for their work, even situations where others would have given up and fallen into despair.

They come from all different backgrounds, races, genders and walks of life. On the grand scale of things, there is little influence from external factors on what makes a person rise above the rest. This is why science has struggled to find some sort of formula for greatness.

Whenever they find a successful person who had great family support in his endeavors, they find an equal number of people whose families were their greatest critics. When they find someone who had great financial backing, they then find someone who came from a family where finding the next meal was a daily struggle.

The reason science has struggled to identify external factors for greatness is that external factors have almost nothing to do with greatness. Greatness is an internal art, not an external science. It is not limited by boundaries of race, religion or any group of people.

The force of greatness is within all people. It is our birthright. It is the force that motivates someone to spend extra seconds, minutes, hours, perfecting their craft. It is the force that pushes someone through all manner of pain and failure, all for the single purpose of bringing their work to it’s highest possible ideal. This is not some mystical thing, it is the power of love.

The legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once said, “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.”

When you love something, you are willing to go to any length for it. You fight so that every single part of it can be expressed fully. Failure is no object to you, because whatever happens, you will push through it with the power of your love.

Every single living being is born as a seed of potential. Every seed has its own inner path set out for it. This is why an orange seed will grow oranges, and not apples. However, unlike other living beings, man has free will and can move away from this inner path.

However, just as when you kill an orange tree by trying to make it grow apples, if you divert man from his inner growth path, you suffocate his possibilities for achieving true success and happiness. Man can only be happy when he is doing what he loves most.

However, if this love is blocked, then the power of love cannot manifest itself. Love requires a certain receptivity. You have to be willing to fall in love. This willingness to fall in love often fails to become strong enough in the majority of people because of societal conditioning. Society has a growth path which roughly translates to: go to school and do well there, so that you can get into the best possible university, then do well in university to get the best possible job, and do well at your job so you can have a good retirement, and then you die.

On this growth path, society prescribes certain jobs which are needed in the marketplace. Currently, it is jobs in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields. I am not saying these fields are bad, but when they are not someone’s passion, no matter how lucrative they are, they are bad for him.

People are taught that if they try to go outside this growth path and do something not endorsed by society, they will be sentenced to a lifetime of poverty and criticism. This lie creates indecision in people because the heart is saying one thing, and society is saying another.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot make a poet into a scientist, but this is what society often tries to do. By doing this, society kills people’s chances of fulfilment through their work. Because people are forced away from their natural path, they feel an inner emptiness.

This emptiness is the cause of what is described in Western countries as the mid-life crisis. When they reach middle age, people have a revelation of sorts, quit their jobs and pursue other things such as starting a business or doing some form of art.

When people realize that they have been spending a large portion of their lives doing something that wasn’t very meaningful to them, they will want to change immediately. However, because they were never really allowed the time to develop their passion, they can never really enjoy what they want to do.

Falling in love with something does not happen overnight, no matter how much natural passion you have for it. You can only truly enjoy something when you have been allowed to develop it to it’s fullest.

When you try to make a poet into a scientist, he will hate science, but do it because of societal pressure, and then when he can finally focus on poetry after many years, he will find it hard to really enjoy it or be much good at it because he was never able to spend much time on it.

He may have been a great scientist, but he was a beggar in his own mind. Then when he tries to do what would make him feel like a king, he ends up feeling empty because he cannot really enjoy it, due to the fact that his passion is not properly developed.

People avoid falling in love with something because they know that society often opposes what they want to do, and there is a big chance that it will be taken away from them. Because of this, they avoid the pain that comes from loss of love, and instead settle with simply liking it.

By doing this, they suffer the fate of most people, which is to like a lot of things, and end up loving nothing. Living a life filled with “like” rather than love is living a lukewarm life. You can live comfortably and securely, but there will always be an inner feeling that something is missing.

Only the burning hot energy of love, which is the force of greatness, can create an extraordinary life filled with unparalleled success and happiness. To do this, passion must be allowed to be developed, no matter what society says. Currently, it is said that the world is in a golden age because of the rapid technological growth that is happening.

The technological golden age is only meaningful when there is a revolution in consciousness to go along with it. There is one thing that has to happen in order to create the possibility of a consciousness shift.

Every human being comes onto this earth as his own unique being. If everyone was a certain way, as would be the case when people follow the societal path, then the world would be very ugly.

It is only when each and every person can allow his greatest love to shine without the societal dogma and other interferences hindering him, that he can attain to his highest possibilities of consciousness. It is only when each and every single person’s unique possibilities are fully actualized that the world can be truly described as being in a golden age.

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