The 6 Winning Secrets Of Usain Bolt

Posted Feb 24 2016 09:22 AM

By Anand Satheesh

Here are the 6 winning secrets of the legendary Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt is a name that has become synonymous with winning and lightning fast speed. He has 6 Olympic gold medals and 11 world championship gold’s along with a host of other titles to his name. Since the Beijing Olympics he has swept the gold medals in the 100, 200 and 4X100 meters at all Olympics and World Championships save for an unfortunate false start in the 100 meter world championships event of 2011. The man is a force of nature. This level of sustained success may seem like an impossibility but it is very possible if we follow the secrets of the fastest man alive.



Usain Bolt trains 3 hours a day. This may seem small compared to the many athletes in various sports who train for 6-8 hours. However, such low volumes of training are what make him the fastest man alive. He trains extremely hard in those three hours. When he trains, he leaves nothing on the table, being constantly pushed by his dream to be a legend. This is the secret of productivity and success. Productivity is defined as results achieved in a certain amount of time. Usain Bolt certainly has a high productivity with his training as he trains for far less time compared to other athletes but he accomplishes simply herculean feats all the same. Never compromise on intensity. Every second that you are working must be done as if your life depended on it and soon, your life will be something truly worth beholding.



Usain Bolt is an enigma. In major finals, everyone intensely eyes the track while he pulls off dance moves like nobody’s business. When nearing the finish line, everyone else does a frantic dive towards the line as Bolt celebrates. Pressure simply does not register with Usain Bolt. It is not like he does not feel the pressure of a World or Olympic event. Major finals like those are what an athlete spends his entire life working towards but the moment lasts second. The pressure to perform is unimaginable.

The world’s fastest man has a unique approach to this pressure that we can all learn from. The secret is that he does not take himself seriously. He is very laidback and has a great sense of humor. He knows that his success is not just his result but also the result of all those who have supported him throughout the years and god, which is why he prays before every race. This makes him very humble giving him the ability to be relaxed in even the tensest situations. Of course he takes his dreams and his performance seriously, but his humility allows him the ability to relax and execute in the most stressful situations.



It may seem obvious but so few of us have dreams that are big enough. Very few of us have a vision of where we want our life to go. In order to achieve success, there must be a gigantic goal that you are constantly travelling towards and the bigger this dream is the more you will achieve. This dream cannot just be a wish. Any fool can go out and say that he wants to be the world’s best at something but unless that dream possesses him, he will never achieve success. The problem is not that our problems are too big. It is that our problems are too small. The world’s fastest man’s vision is nothing less than to join the ranks of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen. Many would argue that he already has.



While Usain Bolt may be an amazingly humble person with huge dreams, it does not mean that he lacks any self belief. Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he was asked about his odds for winning gold. He said that he was sure to win. Similar things have always been said by the greatest in all fields. Muhummad Ali always said “I am the greatest”. One of the most iconic actors ever, Shah Rukh Khan said “I am here to rule.”

How can you win unless you are completely sure that you will win? Legends like Muhummad Ali, Shah Rukh Khan and Usain Bolt convince themselves that they are the greatest and when they fully believe it, their performances reflect that. To the great man, there is no other option other than to achieve his dreams. Convince yourself that the goal will be achieved and it will happen. Henry Ford said it best when he said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you’re right.”



Usain Bolt certainly has laurels to rest on. He is the undisputed sprint king with 6 Olympic gold medals and 11 world championship gold’s. Yet despite this, he hasn’t lost a bit of the motivation that got him to those titles. Far too many of us are satisfied with what we have achieved before. Satisfaction kills all incentive for growth. Cherish and draw inspiration from past successes but do not use them as an excuse to stop reaching for the stars. A major law of success is dissatisfaction. This is the law from which all great achievement and innovation has sprung. If a candle works fine, why build a light bulb unless you are dissatisfied with candles? If I have one Olympic gold medal, why aim for two unless I know that I can be and do more? Express gratitude for the past but always be looking forward to the next victory.



Usain Bolt feels like he was born to run. He was born to be the fastest man on the planet and judging by his achievements, he certainly was. Running is like oxygen to him. True success is only possible when what you love is like your oxygen because only then will you have the strength to see it through. Love has a mysterious way of possessing a person and giving him unlimited energy to deal with setbacks. To love, setbacks do not exist because they are all brushed away as soon as they appear. When love for something possesses you, giving up is not an option. The thought never occurs to you. In love, the hardest of work is like natural child’s play. Mozart said it best when he said, “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence, nor imagination, nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” That is the most important winning secret of all. Become possessed by something and nothing will stop your beautiful genius from shooting out like a lightning bolt.

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